News - Latest work.

These are some of my latest works done in 3dsmax + Vray. 2013

Don't forget to checkout the rest of my fingers.

About Mim

I'm a Visual Artist, with a taste for the digital Arts. Even though I have been around computer for 13 years, more and more I find myself going back to drawing and simply draw. Thus I'm currently undertaking a neverending Masters Degree in Drawing - Fine Arts.

My life experience cuts across several areas of expertise. Including drawing, computer arts, stills not animation, and 3d something of 3d. Currently I am developing skills in Engraving, offset and all those nice technical mediums. I have a thing for Theater and Video/Interactive media for Acting. So the Theater is one of my favorite environments to work on.

Specialties 3d Modeling, architecture preViz, Light and Shader design, being observer, final art in 3d productions, photography, drawing, engraving.

Bernardo Amorim